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In Maborak Technologies we offer the next services:

Interspire Email Marketer Addons

  • Multiple MTA with IP Monitoring
  • Feedback Loops
  • Advanced Backup/Export
  • GeoLocation Tracking
  • Multithreading
  • Spinning with Campaign URL Rotator
  • Social Network Sharing Statistics
  • Multilanguage Switch
  • PowerMTA Remote Bounce Processor
  • SMS Email Campaigns


  • Custom Interspire Addons
  • Interspire Framework Modification

Email Service Providers

  • Mail Service Configuration
  • Analysis and Report of your current Email Infrastructure
  • PowerMTA Installation and Debugging
  • PowerMTA Log Analyzer
  • PowerMTA Clustering
  • Mail Server Clustering
  • DKIM/Domainkeys/SPF/DMARC Analysis
  • IP Reputation Monitoring
  • IP Registration in major ISP's
  • DMARC Analyzer
  • Database Optimization and Consulting
  • GeoLocation Tracking API
  • IP Blacklist DataFeed API

General GNU/Linux Administration

  • Server health Monitoring
  • Server Cleanups
  • Apache + PHP Optimizations

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