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Interspire Email Marketer upgrade slows import process

Hi Guys,

Have you noticed when doing PHP upgrade to 5.5.38 from 5.3 version and upgrading new 6.1.6 version of Interspire, upload process is way too slow. Before it was super quick like 100+ records / second.

Any advise where should be problem?

mta: License expired

When I install addons shows "license expired", please help me.

Fatal error:
mta: License expired. Contact to:
in Unknown on line 0
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Slow sending speed, need help

We encountered strange behavior, recently when we sent campaign using multithread it starts to send with full speed but after few minutes it slows down and stays at around 300-400 emails per minute.
This happens suddenly as previously we sent few campaigns and all was good but now nomatter what we do it slows to max 400 per minute.
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Spin URL = Invalid Link

I have setup several URL's to spin and all have worked. I added a new one and when I click the link in the email, it says "Invalid Link".

I've uploaded Interspire Email Marketer into the same /Interspire Email Marketer/ folder.
I've uploaded the revised .htaccess file
I've uploaded a configured config.php file

What's odd is that the Unsubscribe link will work but no other links.

Example URL: ... FOoiH.html

Any thoughts?
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Web preview when spinning content with remote domains

We have faced a problem when using web preview link with content spinning which shows a user a preview with all spinning content and not the one that was sent in his message.
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External email account to the default bounce address

Hi.. would anyone know how to configure to receive an external email account and then forward into the default bounce account?

For example, the system can receive "" and automatically forward to the default "Bounce-To (ReturnPath)"....

I have changed the system setting to accept a particular external domain and automatically send to the default bounce address, but it appears that the system is not forwarding.....

Please help!


Edit Header for Better Inbox Rate

I'm using and they are picking up that ISP's are flagging emails and counting it against many emails if "X-Mailer-RecptID" is in the header. It appears that this tag only shows in Interspire sent email. Since many spammers use Interspire, it hurts the rest of us.

Is yours still in there or did you remove it?

If you do a Google search for "X-Mailer-RecptID" it is mostly related to spam. So basically, all/most Interspire Email Marketer ...
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SEO Urls and Masqarade

Maborak a small sugestion for future update of the addon, when using SEO urls with random mask the link in unsubscribe header and in message footer are different and this can lead to blacklisting, it would be great if both of this could be the same and maybe even use a bit different mask rule leaving the word "usubscribe" in those links. If this is possible please reply we are intrested even if the change ...
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What are the difference between SEO and SEM

What are the difference between SEO and SEM
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What are the Types of SEO

What are the Types of SEO
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