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MTA used Emails vs. Success


What does the number in the MTA USed Success column measure?

In the MTS Used column there are three sub columns, Emails, Success and Failure. Sometimes the number in the Success column does not match the volume going out when reviewing Email campaign statistics. Emails going out are 223, sent volume in Statistics shows 223 but the Sucess column in MTA Used shows 173.

Why is there this difference between the Volume sent number ...
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Addon Request - Will Pay


You might remember me speaking to you over Skype regarding an addon i want making and im willing to pay for it to be made.

I want it so you can enable a setting on each MTA Group call Pre-Warm.

What i want Pre-Warm to do is to warm the IPs up by limiting the number of email that can be sent each day on each MTA within that group, so for example in ...
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filtering powermta logs


RBP: Remote Bounce Processor

In the latest version of RBP you have the next field:


In this field you can add FILTER NAMES, the RPB will process only the files that matches with the filter name. For example if you have:

Listing: /var/log/pmta/
total 6658384
-rw-r----- 1 pmta pmta 199 Mar 13 01:28 bounces-2014-03-13-0000.csv
-rw-r----- 1 pmta pmta 199 Mar 14 00:00 bounces-2014-03-14-0000.csv
-rw-r----- 1 pmta pmta 199 Mar 15 00:00 bounces-2014-03-15-0000.csv ...
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Enable Disable automatic Suppression List


With our new FBL processor version is possible add the complaints directly to your Global Suppression List.

open: addons/fbl/config/config.php

Code: Select all
define("FBL_PROCESS_MAIL",2000);  //The addon will process 2000 mails per connection

Feeback Loops Processor Loggin

define("FBL_LOG_FILE",ADDON_GLOBAL_BACKUP_DIRECTORY."/fbl-log.txt"); # Normally: /path/to/Interspire Email Marketer/


define("FBL_ADD_TO_SUPPRESSION",false); <-- set to true

Thats all, cheers.

connection closed.
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Export Feature

Does your Export feature allow me to export Segments?

For instance, I build a list based on people who have Opened email A, B, and C and Clicked link A and C.

I can build the segment in Interspire as-is and email to the Segment, but I cannot export it. To do so, I have to do it one group at a time. You can select multiple Contact List but you cannot select multiple links ...
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Spins 3.0 issue

I have the spins 3.0 just installed to Interspire Email Marketer 6.1.2 but we dont see the menu "Campaign URL rotator" shown in this graphic from another topic:


all we have is showing is:

any help would be appreciated as we need to spin the unsub domains
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How to set "mail FROM domain as URL" as default option?

It seems that spinning addon as been updated and now we have multiple option for "Campaign URL Rotator" and default option for it is "Random URL". How we can set the "mail FROM domain as URL" as default option so that we do not need to change it each time we send campaign?
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Multiple MTA & Gmail Accounts

Can this add-on be used to rotate and send through multiple gmail accounts - if not gmail - how about hotmail or yahoo?

thanks in advance.
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Bounces Not Showing = Stats


Bounces are not showing in MTA Stats, also Graph stats are also not showing for some reason.

What gone wrong?

See Attachment

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Spinning Images

Is there an option to spin an image?

We include a picture of our product in our email. If we send it to 100k emails, then the same image URL is used 100k times.

Is there a way to spin it? Revise the Insert Image tool and include Image Source 1, Image Source 2, Image Source 3, etc.

Even if we spin everything else, if the image URL goes to a bunch of emails, I ...
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