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Where is the Interspire Base folder


In simple words, is the folder where the Interspire files is located.

For example:

If your Interspire URL is:

Then, your interspire base folder will be

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

In this folder is located some important files like: .htaccess to add special directives to the installation.

connection closed.
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Modify Header to Increase Inbox Rate

Lately I have heard several sites that mention the popularity of Interspire by 'spammers' has caused many others of us to have our messages blocked due to footprints in the header and email that causes ISP's to know that it was sent with Interpsire (and assumed to be spam).

Has anyone revised their Interspire headers to increase their inbox rate?

Even if you do not want to share your change, just mentioning that you have ...
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Custom Variable Replacements ?

I'd like to be able to pass more details about my mailings thru a link

%%todaysdate%% - always returns TODAY'S actual date- not the launch date of a campaign which isn't useful for much.

I also need something like %%MTA%% - so I know which pool or ip did the actual delivery (for tracking opens/click performance by ip).

Any clues on how I could do this ?

Thanks all

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Why can't we use campaigns from/reply/bounce in MultiMta

It's annoying that I have to hard code the from/reply/bounce address for each mta - when what I would like is the ability to match the @ part - the same way that the Spins uses the mta domain to mark up links/msgid/etc.

I need campaigns to have a mail-from and bounce that's unique per campaign - but since I will use the same mta to send multiple campaigns, editing those details in the mtamanager ...

Need Help. How Do I Set Up Remote Domains

I have the spinning and multi-mta add-on which necessitate that I have some handling for images/clicks/links to work on remote domains.
I have no idea how to do this.

The setup says it requires a separate guide for Remote Domains which you can request after purchase.

I've had an open ticket for days, and no response yet on Skype.

I'm assuming someone must have this working - any help would be appreciated!


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Unsubscribe Date

How do I export a list of people based on their unsubscribe date?

I know how to export anyone who has unsubscribed, but if I want to run it across all list of people who unsubscribed today, how do I do that?

Also, if someone clicks the unsubscribe link yesterday and today, which date will show in the system?

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Restore deleted email campaigns

Unable to post in requests, so sorry if this is the wrong board.

Anyway, I deleted an email campaign in progress, and need a way to restore it.

Using interspire version 6.1.3

Any addons/ quick tips on restoring it would be greatly appreciated.

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Advanced Segmentation


I would post in the Requests forum but it wont let me for some reason.

Can you create a new addon for Advanced Segmentation, i want to segment data like the following:

Email Address - Has Opened - Email Campaign1
Email Address - Has Opened - Email Campaign2
Email Address - Has Opened - Email Campaign3
Email Address - Has Not Opened - Email Campaign4

So if someone has opened any ...
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URL Rotator


I have more or less all your addons, but one thing iv noticed i Gmail blocks emails that have images in the emails that are not hosted on from the same domain name. So how do i do it so images loads from the same FROM domain like your URL Spinning addon?

If it cant be done can you do this please as my emails are being marked as Soft Bounce because of the ...
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Disable PowerMTA JobID Header

Hi Maborak,

Is it possible to permanently disable PowerMTA JobID Header?

I know I can turn it off manually when sending campaign, but I want it turned off permanently. :D

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