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Installing DKIM Private Key


We needed to install a DKIM private key on sending email, can anyone help on how to install it with PowerMTA.

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Custom Headers and PowerMTA JobID Header are not added

Hi, we have a small problem with the addon, additional headers are not added in messages.

Possible False Positive results


I just found the following bounce detected by RBP as a HardBounce:

5.0.0 (undefined status) ||| smtp;550 5.7.606 Access denied, banned sending IP . To request removal from this list please visit and follow the directions. For more information please go to (AS16012 ||| x.x.x.x ||| relayerror ||| access denied ||| policy-related

Correct me if I am wrong but in ...
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URGENT : Error saving your MTA

Hi ,

I am getting error Error saving your MTA

while trying to create new MTA

Can any one help me please
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Retreive IP Reputation for new IP's

I have several new clusters that Maborak installed for me but he forgot to do the extra step that would cause the reputation for the new IP's to show.

I opened SSH and ran the commands...
/var/www/clients/client1/web1/web/media/admin/addons/mta/api/cli.php --populate-ipguard
/usr/local/bin/php /var/www/clients/client1/web1/web/media/admin/addons/mta/api/cli.php --populate-ipguard
(per my best understanding of the instructions at the bottom)

This is the error message I receive for the first command.

/$ /var/www/clients/client1/web1/web/media/admin/addons/mta/api/cli.php --populate-ipguard
/var/www/clients/client1/web1/web/media/admin/addons/mta/api/cli.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory ...
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Spin links not working


Dos anybody else noticed that some of emails you sent out have non working seo links.
I tested sending same email to 2 test accounts, one is gmail account and another one is private domain.
Gmail link not working, and when i copy and paste it to browser it says invalid link.

Other link on same sending works ok. This is bad issue, if you think that lots of emails have this invalid link ...
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Error logs - 6.1.6

I receive these log entries..

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Internal Apr 29 2016 22:55:37
Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxx/public_html/admin/addons/installer/api/class.commandline.php at 66
File Line Function
/home/xxx/public_html/admin/addons/installer/api/class.commandline.php 66 HandlePHPErrors
/home/xxx/public_html/admin/addons/installer/api/installer.php 932 CommandLine::parseArgs
/home/xxx/public_html/admin/addons/multithread/api/multithread.php 32 Installer_API->apply_patches
/home/xxx/public_html/admin/addons/multithread/multithread.php 232 require_once
/home/xxx/public_html/admin/addons/interspire_addons.php 1408 Addons_multithread->GetApi
/home/xxx/public_html/admin/functions/schedule.php 262 Interspire_Addons->Process
/home/xxx/public_html/admin/functions/schedule.php 144 Schedule->ManageSchedules
/home/xxx/public_html/admin/com/init.php 543 Schedule->Process
/home/xxx/public_html/admin/index.php 81 require_once

and also this:

array_shift() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given Internal Apr 29 2016 22:55:37
array_shift() expects parameter 1 ...
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Multiple 'Campaign has started sending' emails...


When our users send a campaign, Interspire Email Marketer sends them a courtesy email to let them know their email has started sending - HOWEVER, this now gets sent multiple times (once for each thread).

I believe the same happens after the campaign has completed sending - the courtesy email to advise that its complete also gets sent as many times as there are threads.

Can this be fixed? It frightens clients as they belive it ...
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RBP export


How many of those users that have this can do export from web UI?

I have tried but that is not working, and i really need to export all hardbounce emails.
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IP Monitor y Multithread

Hasta ahora en nuestro instituto IMED estamos enviando usando interspire, pero buscamos otras solucion mas rapida.
No somos expertos pero viendo el los videos de IP Monitor creo que podemos usar var ias ip para enviar.
La duda es....
Cuantos email por hora podemos enviar por IP ?

Otra consulta:
Multithread es para acelerar los envios ?

Estamos muy interesados en adquirir los addons pero necesitamos informacion al respecto.
Espero alguien nos pueda ayudar.
Buenos ...
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