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Upgrade Addons using Subversion


Before to Upgrade the addons you need to:

  1. Stop Your Email Campaigns
  2. Create a Database Backup
  3. Create a Interspire Email Marketer File System Backup

Install Subversion

As root run:
Code: Select all
yum -y install subversion

# yum -y install subversion
Loaded plugins: aliases, auto-update-debuginfo, changelog, dellsysid, downloadonly, fastestmirror, filter-data, fs-snapshot, keys, list-data, local, merge-conf, post-transaction-actions, presto, priorities, protectbase, ps, remove-with-leaves, rpm-warm-cache,
: security, show-leaves, tmprepo, tsflags, upgrade-helper, verify, versionlock
Determining fastest mirrors
* base:
* ...
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upgrade addons

loading ...... :)

Hello Maborak,
Since you are very busy
Where can i download latest versions of your addons?
They are not updated from my client area.


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how can i use multiple mail from senders?

how can i use multiple mail from senders?
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How to use 'Mail From' URL?

On this page: ... tator.html

It says that its possible to use mail from domain for open/click/unsubscribe URL, and to select 'Use Mail FROM as URL' to make it happen. I do not see this anywhere? .....Only the option to select Random URL, or use Interspire's default...

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Cron Jobs for Geo-Location Tracking Statistics


The next CRON JOB is necessary to process the Geo-Location.

Code: Select all
php /path/to/your/Interspire Email Marketer/admin/addons/geostats/api/process.php 1000000

Dont use the option: "-f" in the PHP command.

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- Added JobID tracking integration with PowerMTA
- Added Automatic Re-Send
- Bug Fix: Blank Page in 'Schedule Email Campaigns'

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[SOLVED] Cron Job


I have Centos OS 6.4 installed with Interspire Email Marketer latest & Maborak Latest Interspire Email Marketer addons

I have set in Cronjob in my hosting panel as well as Interspire Email Marketer

Path is as under;
/usr/bin/php -f /var/www/clients/client1/web3/web/admin/cron/cron.php

If I log on to my server using SSH and run as root user /usr/bin/php -f /var/www/clients/client1/web3/web/admin/cron/cron.php
then my Interspire Email Marketer shows Cron job runs & show the time of last run when it was run from Shell

But automatically in ...
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ISP's supported by FBL Processor


* Bluetie/Excite
* Comcast
* Cox
* Earthlink (email only): fblrequest at
* Fastmail
* Hotmail
* OpenSRS/Tucows
* Outblaze ( email ONLY: postmaster at
* Rackspace (formerly Mailtrust)
* RoadRunner/Time Warner Cable
* Synacor
* Terra
* United Online/Juno/Netzero
* Yahoo! (requires DomainKeys or DKIM)
* Manual ARF Complaint ...
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Using STARTTLS for Hotmail or Live ISP


STARTTLS is not supported yet by Interspire Email Marketer, we are working in a patch to implement STARTTLS in SMTP LOGIN connections.


PS: TLS/SSL is different to STARTTLS, so there is no problem with: GMAIL and YAHOO

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Installation Guide


For installation guide, please refer to: ... ation.html

If you think we need to cover other issues in the installation step, please let us know.

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