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Upgrade to 6.1.4 breaks Multi Mta Addon

I have went thru each addon in depth. I can enable all but the Multi Mta and have it to work. Once you enable the multi mta it just sits and cycles thru the cron counter over and over.

I solution would be great since this leaves me without working software.

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Upgrade to 6.1.4 (Broke Interspire Email Marketer sending)

I just upgraded my boxes to 6.1.4 from 6.1.3. Now non of them send and just keep looping through the counter. They never start just site there.

Any help would be great

Send to FAILED


I have an email campaign which has been sent out but over 100,000 people had not been sent the email and marked as failed because there was too many connections to my ESP. Now because iv sent the same email campaign out to different lists im not able to do a re-send to the contact list that had the failed emails.

How can i do a re-send to the ones that failed?

Emails Success ...
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SMTP Connection from ALL Server IPs


I'm currently using a esp to send me emails, how ever they only allow a max of 50 connections at a time per IP. This is limiting me on the number of threads i can create because of the connection limit. Is there any way of doing it so the Threads use ALL the IPs on the dedicated server? So for example i have 6 usable IPs, that way i should be allowed to ...
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Addon Usage


This is a quick reminder about the Feedback Loops Addon usage:

  1. Upload the Addon
  2. Install the Addon
  3. Register your IP's in major ISP's or request the IPs registration
  4. Add your Abuse Mailbox in the Feedback Loop Addon: Contact Lists > Feedback Loops
  5. Set the FBL Cron Jobs

Thats all.

connection closed.
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Max Multithreads


When im in SSH and i rebuild a email campaign by changing the threads to 75 and then i view the status of the threads, i can see theres only a max of 45 threads.

Why will it not do more than 45 threads?

I've checked my CPU and at the current 45 and the Server load is 0.13 (8 CPUs) and the memory is 57% used. How can i do it so there ...
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Custom Email Header per MTA?


I know iv posted alot of questions on these forums the past few days, but i thought id post them here so other users dont ask the same question as im sure at some point other people will want to know this stuff too.

My question is, is there any way of adding a custom email header per MTA?

For for example

MTA1 = X-MC-Subaccount: mail1
MTA2 = X-MC-Subaccount: mail2
MTA3 = X-MC-Subaccount: mail3 ...
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[CLI] Show Threads Status


The php CLI command to check the threads status is:

Run the next command in SSH:
Code: Select all
php /path/to/interspire/admin/addons/multithread/api/cli.php --status

You will receive some output like:

INFO[Status]: Array
[3084] => Array
[threads] => Array
[0] => 4402[ACTIVE][1s][500/40000]2%
[1] => 4403[ACTIVE][1s][500/40000]2%
[2] => 4404[ACTIVE][3s][500/40000]2%
[3] => 4405[ACTIVE][1s][500/36667]2%
[4] => 4406[ACTIVE][1s][500/30000]2%
[5] => 4407[ACTIVE][1s][500/30000]2%
[6] => 4408[ACTIVE][2s][500/30000]2%
[7] => 4409[ACTIVE][4s][500/30000]2%
[8] => 4410[ACTIVE][2s][500/30000]2%
[9] => 4411[ACTIVE][4s][500/30000]2%
[10] => 4412[ACTIVE][3s][500/30000]2%
[11] => ...
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Cron Jobs for Feedback Loops


The next CRON jobs is mandatory to process the Feedback Loops.

If you are using WHM/Cpanel
Code: Select all
0 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /path/to/interspire/admin/addons/fbl/api/process.php 100000

If you are using common Linux Server
Code: Select all
0 * * * * /usr/bin/php /path/to/interspire/admin/addons/fbl/api/process.php 100000

Both CRON jobs means: The task will be executed each 1 hour.

connection closed.
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Amazon SES [Solved]


I cant send any emails via Amazon SES because of the MTA settings.

14:33:41 A test email has not been successfully sent to the email address Unable to authenticate with server. Doesn't support "AUTH LOGIN"

Server Name:
Port: 25, 465 or 587
Use Transport Layer Security (TLS): Yes
Authentication: Your SMTP credentials - see below.

Everytime i try it fails, i think its because of the ...
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