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PowerMTA Installation Included

I did not see this mentioned on your website.

If I get the ESP package, is installation and configuration of the IP's included?

Thank you.
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Exporting Timeline


What period of time does this feature cover?

Does this feature only show the last week, day, month, year?

For instance, every month or every 3-months I want to export Geo-Location stats, import it into my external database (so that I have a state associated with the email), and then send targeted emails based on their State (for US).

Is there an issue with getting bad data with people who open their email on ...
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Gmail Bounces - Does Spinning Help

I am starting to notice a lot of soft bounces 'Due to Content' from Gmail. (The other ISP's are not flagging our messages and stats show that they are being opened.)

Will the spinning addon help?

This particular email had a 23% open rate and 3.4% open rate and a bounce rate of 0.01%.

Anything I can do to make sure I am getting into Gmail? Will any of the other addons help? Rotate URL, ...
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Dubt with MTA with IP Monitor

We want to buy MTA with IP Monitor,
But we want to know:

-Difference between Multithread and MTA with IP Monitor
-If MTA with IP Monitor increase the ratio (powerful the shooting)
-If we bought MTA with IP Monitor, if there will be a tutorial for
The integration.

Thanks in advance.
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Interspire Application Reinstallation


Generally your Interspire Email Marketer Application can get corrupted due to:
  1. Application files corrupted
  2. Duplicated Addons Installation
So, what you need to do is:
  1. Create a DB backup
  2. Create an Interspire Email Marketer files backup
  3. Uninstall all "MT:" Addons
  4. Move your Interspire Email Marketer Application folder to some backup folder
  5. Extract some Unmodified Interspire Email Marketer v6.1.3 or 6.1.4 in a new folder
  6. Coy the file BACKUPAPP/admin/includes/config.php to NEWAPP/admin/includes/config.php
  7. Move your clean NEWAPP folder to your ORIGINALAPP location
  8. Login to ...
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[HOWTO] Change the export options


The way to change the STRING SEPARATOR in the Exports is:

  1. open: admin/addons/geostats/config/config.php
  2. Code: Select all
    ini_set('display_errors', 1);
    ini_set('memory_limit', '500M');
    ini_set('max_execution_time', '9000');

    in the line:
    Code: Select all
    you can change the value for example to: ';'

Thats all

connection closed.
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Payment addon

Why dont you create an automated system where a customer can signup and pay for it using paypal, paypal express...etc and automatically add credit to their account.
I know afew people go with oempro because of their payment system instead of interspire.
This would be a great addon. A payment gateway for service.

In interspire, we would setup multiple user groups initially as well as pricing for monthly credit and never expire credits.
An ...
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Addons Release for Interspire Email Marketer 6.1.4


Interspire Email Marketer Addons has been released to support v6.1.4

More Details: Here

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Addons Release for Interspire Email Marketer 6.1.4


Hello Folks, I just finished the Addons Upgrade to support Interspire Email Marketer 6.1.4

Please upgrade your Addons: From SVN or Manually

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Trying to reach Maborak regarding purchases

Ive been trying to reach you regarding some of your addons. Ive tried contacting you 3 times thru your contact form but havent heard back.
Please contact me asap. Im interested in your bounce processor, fbl, multiple mta with ip monitoring, multithread, advanced backup/export, ISP Analysis, and maybe spinning.
IS there a direct email or phone # i can reach you at?
We have pmta4 ent already.
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