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Enabling SEO links


Hello folks, to enable seo links with Spinning addon you need to:

Edit the file: spins/config/config.php
Change the code:
Code: Select all
define("ADDON_SPINS_URL_SEO_TXT_LINK_EXTENSION",".html"); //can be .txt


Code: Select all
define("ADDON_SPINS_URL_SEO",true);  //<-- set to TRUE
define("ADDON_SPINS_URL_SEO_SEPARATOR","-"); //<-- the SEO separator, actually supports: "/" "-" "_" "." "|"
define("ADDON_SPINS_URL_SEO_TXT_LINK_EXTENSION",".html"); //can be .txt

Edit the file: /path/to/i.em/.htaccess
and add:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^L([0-9]+)[\/|\-|_|\.|\|]([0-9]+)[\/|\-|_|\.|\|]([0-9]+)[\/|\-|_|\.|\|]H\.html$ link.php?M=$1&N=$2&L=$3&F=H [QSA,L]

RewriteRule ^L([0-9]+)[\/|\-|_|\.|\|]([0-9]+)[\/|\-|_|\.|\|]([0-9]+)[\/|\-|_|\.|\|]T\.txt$ link.php?M=$1&N=$2&L=$3&F=T [QSA,L]
RewriteRule ^L([0-9]+)[\/|\-|_|\.|\|]([0-9]+)[\/|\-|_|\.|\|]([0-9]+)[\/|\-|_|\.|\|]T\.html$ ...
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Spins 3.0 issue

I have the spins 3.0 just installed to Interspire Email Marketer 6.1.2 but we dont see the menu "Campaign URL rotator" shown in this graphic from another topic:


all we have is showing is:

any help would be appreciated as we need to spin the unsub domains
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How to set "mail FROM domain as URL" as default option?

It seems that spinning addon as been updated and now we have multiple option for "Campaign URL Rotator" and default option for it is "Random URL". How we can set the "mail FROM domain as URL" as default option so that we do not need to change it each time we send campaign?
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Spinning Images

Is there an option to spin an image?

We include a picture of our product in our email. If we send it to 100k emails, then the same image URL is used 100k times.

Is there a way to spin it? Revise the Insert Image tool and include Image Source 1, Image Source 2, Image Source 3, etc.

Even if we spin everything else, if the image URL goes to a bunch of emails, I ...
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Gmail Bounces - Does Spinning Help

I am starting to notice a lot of soft bounces 'Due to Content' from Gmail. (The other ISP's are not flagging our messages and stats show that they are being opened.)

Will the spinning addon help?

This particular email had a 23% open rate and 3.4% open rate and a bounce rate of 0.01%.

Anything I can do to make sure I am getting into Gmail? Will any of the other addons help? Rotate URL, ...
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how can i use multiple mail from senders?

how can i use multiple mail from senders?
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How to use 'Mail From' URL?

On this page: ... tator.html

It says that its possible to use mail from domain for open/click/unsubscribe URL, and to select 'Use Mail FROM as URL' to make it happen. I do not see this anywhere? .....Only the option to select Random URL, or use Interspire's default...

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