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I try to contact you from last 5 months but no response even

I try to contact you from last 5 months but no response even ticket close without any response???

Is this support you provide. : :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
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Custom Variable Replacements ?

I'd like to be able to pass more details about my mailings thru a link

%%todaysdate%% - always returns TODAY'S actual date- not the launch date of a campaign which isn't useful for much.

I also need something like %%MTA%% - so I know which pool or ip did the actual delivery (for tracking opens/click performance by ip).

Any clues on how I could do this ?

Thanks all

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Why can't we use campaigns from/reply/bounce in MultiMta

It's annoying that I have to hard code the from/reply/bounce address for each mta - when what I would like is the ability to match the @ part - the same way that the Spins uses the mta domain to mark up links/msgid/etc.

I need campaigns to have a mail-from and bounce that's unique per campaign - but since I will use the same mta to send multiple campaigns, editing those details in the mtamanager ...
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Disable PowerMTA JobID Header

Hi Maborak,

Is it possible to permanently disable PowerMTA JobID Header?

I know I can turn it off manually when sending campaign, but I want it turned off permanently. :D

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Changing email Header


I need to remove main Interspire URL from email header !

For Example :- --- As a mail URL of Interspire.

Then i have install Multipal domain addons and configure 3 domain in MTA

When i shedule a campaign and use these domain as mail-from, reply-to-mail and beounce-email and check header :

Received: from (xx.yy.zz.aa) by id h30tua0001ga for ...
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Error with cron


I've created my first smtp group / account however the cron then never fired.

I got this error;

Domain not allowed to use the Application. Contact to:

What does that mean?
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MTA used Emails vs. Success


What does the number in the MTA USed Success column measure?

In the MTS Used column there are three sub columns, Emails, Success and Failure. Sometimes the number in the Success column does not match the volume going out when reviewing Email campaign statistics. Emails going out are 223, sent volume in Statistics shows 223 but the Sucess column in MTA Used shows 173.

Why is there this difference between the Volume sent number ...
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Addon Request - Will Pay


You might remember me speaking to you over Skype regarding an addon i want making and im willing to pay for it to be made.

I want it so you can enable a setting on each MTA Group call Pre-Warm.

What i want Pre-Warm to do is to warm the IPs up by limiting the number of email that can be sent each day on each MTA within that group, so for example in ...
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Multiple MTA & Gmail Accounts

Can this add-on be used to rotate and send through multiple gmail accounts - if not gmail - how about hotmail or yahoo?

thanks in advance.
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Bounces Not Showing = Stats


Bounces are not showing in MTA Stats, also Graph stats are also not showing for some reason.

What gone wrong?

See Attachment

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