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scheduled sending

cron: works, all 6 tasks are getting done
scheduled sending: works, campaigns go out

yet: "Scheduled Sending Has Not Run Yet"

How is that possible? How can this be fixed?
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How to Sync Clusters for URL Spin

How do I sync the folders /admin/temp across all clusters so that the images show when spinning the domain?

Do I have to manually copy and paste or is there an easier and automatic way?

If the links are external, you do not have to do this but if they are stored in Interspire Email Marketer you will need to do this.

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Geo Stats Give the same info on all IPs

I have client to ask me look at his GEO Stats....

It looks like it install right and runs but all they get in the stats is UK

I check the Database and seem be install right..

Suggest on what to do for the customer?

Processing Email Opens:
CACHE: - 1366161408 - 1366161663 - UK - UNITED KINGDOM - ENGLAND - BOURNEMOUTH"

CACHE: - 1366161408 - 1366161663 - UK - ...
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RBP things logs are 'Invalid'??

Remote Bounce Processor is not working correctly for one of my clusters.

If I run a Test, it shows the list of files in the test window but at the bottom it says 0 valid files.

The prefix I am using is “acct” since that is the way the files are named and I do not know how to revise it.

What else needs to be done so that it see's these as valid log ...
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Hi there,

I've just installed your addon for the advanced backup/export.
However I'm encountering a blank page. Any idea how I can debug?

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Not Showing Images when Using Spin

If I send an email using a Cluster that has images embedded in it, the images do not show.

How do I fix that?

The image is uploaded on my server ( ... pp-ban.jpg) but when I send it using a cluster it replaces the URL but it does not load. What am I doing wrong? ... pp-ban.jpg

The image shows if ...
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Multiple MTA with IP Monitor Not Working

With MT: Multiple MTA with IP Monitor the IP Monitor is not showing anything on all IPs. Reputation: 0 Blacklist: 0 Whitelist: 0
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Add Header Item

Does anyone know how to add a header item (so that each email going out has it in its header)?

Imagine you would like to add any of the X- items: ... erformance ... ders.xhtml

Would that be in the ss_mail.php or where? And how would one ...
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alt attributes

Interspire Email Marketer seems to produce some links to some tracking images without ALT attributes.
This triggers spam filters to assign lower values/block.
Hence, this non-ALT attributing must be prevented from.

How can one avoid any (links to) images without ALT attributes?
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time zone

No matter which time zone picked, it is off.
Server time is correct. Local time is correct.
But Interspire Email Marketer seems to not have a setting for Day Light Saving Time (1h difference).

Anyone knows how to solve this (in which file)?
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